Menu Planning

I can create menus for you based on your needs and preferences. I also have experience planning menus for a wide variety of clientele. For example, menus based on the Dietary Guidelines of Americans, Meals on Wheels, School Nutrition Guidelines, Daycare and Adult Day Care, menus based on chronic conditions such as diabetes, renal disease, heart disease, and menus based on preferences such as paleo, low carb, Mediterranean diet, etc.  In other words, just ask and I can help you with it!


I can present on any nutrition topic of interest to you. Some previous topics include Nutrition 101, The Gluten Fad, Debunking Nutrition Myths, Child Nutrition, etc.

Performance Nutrition

What you eat fuels your sports performance and I can help you choose the right foods so that you perform your best. As a Crossfit athlete and runner, I understand how nutrition is key to health and well-being, especially when you are an athlete. 

ServSafe Training

As a Servsafe Certified Instructor and Proctor, I can provide ServSafe training for you and/or your staff.

Individual Counseling

I take a holistic approach to nutrition that focuses on lifestyle changes in a way that you are comfortable with in order to meet your nutrition goals.

Your initial session will include a 3-day analysis of your food diary, establishment of nutrition and fitness goals and an overview of your needs.
Follow-ups will vary from person to person depending on your goals and interests
Nutrition Analysis

I can analyze your menus for personal use or for companies. I have experience analyzing menus for Meals on Wheels, Day Cares, School Nutrition and for personal use. I can also help create FDA Approved nutrition labels for your recipes and/or products.


Grocery Store Tours

During a grocery store tour, I will teach you how to read nutrition labels, how to pick out good deals and how to navigate through the grocery store maze in a smarter and healthier way!


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